4Rx.com Reviews, 4Rx Coupons

When the time comes for a person to buy Viagra, many questions come to mind, and we are here to attempt to answer some of those questions, particularly regarding www.4Rx.com, which is a website that makes Viagra online available to erectile dysfunction patients. But before these patients can go ahead and buy Viagra, they may ask themselves, is 4Rx legit? In other words, they might wonder if there is a 4Rx.com scam concerning Sildenafil Citrate drugs often referred to as generic Viagra, or generic for Cialis meds made with Tadalafil. After doing thorough research, we found 4Rx legit, but you can learn more about that on this website by reading useful 4Rx.com reviews written by customers.

On the other hand, you can also find out about common 4Rx.com complaints. Just like any other business, complaints do happen, and are welcomed as feedback which will be answered by the 4Rx.com customer service staff. The toll free and online chat support is available 24/7/365. This customer service department may receive questions about 4 Rx coupons and 4Rx coupon codes. As far as we can see, there are no 4Rx coupons and therefore no 4Rx coupon codes, but 4Rx does make up for that by offering interesting and ongoing Viagra Online and Cialis discounts and bonuses.

These include a price match policy which states that if a customer finds a website with a lower price, they will match that price and give the customer a 5% discount. In order to take advantage of this policy, the customer is required to send a link to the website, and fill a submission request form. Additionally, there is a returning customer bonus that improves with each reorder. The first reorder yields a 10% discount or 20% more free product; the second a 15% discount or 25% more pills; and the third reorder 15% discount or 30% extra product. This not only applies to products known as generic Viagra, but also to other available medicines. On top of low prices, 4Rx.com has a refund policy in which, if a package fails to arrive, or does so incomplete or damaged, the customer can ask for a full refund or have their 4Rx Viagra order reshipped at no further cost. Also, there are privacy and security measures in place to ensure the confidentiality of the customer's personal and credit card information. All of this supports the theory of no 4Rx scam.

Yet another novelty that should be found in meticulous 4Rx.com reviews is that of a refill reminder. This feature has a customer service representative notifying the customer by phone or email if they have forgotten to refill their prescription. This way, the patient can be sure that they will not run out of medication. Conversely, if the customer does not desire this reminder, 4Rx.com allows for cancellation of this service.